The End…


Mom and Sam were still as in love as ever. I would constantly walk in on them making out and whispering I love you all the time.

Coral was very attached to Sam, she had known only him as her grandfather. They would constantly sit and talk about how school was going and if she had any boyfriends he had to worry about.

“Ew Grandpa! I’m only a teen, I refuse to have a boyfriend until I am at least 20. I want to go to med-school and then travel the world like Grand-Aunt Scarlet.” Coral would say with a big smile. That was my little girl..ambitious.

I wasn’t surprised when T.J. told mom she thought she might be gay.

“Oh honey..are you sure?” Mom laughed nervously, “Is this one of those experimental phases?”

T.J. rolled her eyes and said “MOM..I’M 23! NOT 13.”

Mom sighed and said ” Alright I understand…as long as your happy T.J.”

T.J. nodded and said “Mom I’m so glad you are okay with it…because there is this one girl.”

Mom sighed again and said “One thing at a time hun.”

T.J. giggled and said “Don’t worry mom I have the perfect thing to help you chill out.” T.J. tiptoed inside the house and asked us all the come inside.

We were surprised when we saw T.J. inside the house sniffing a box as she said “Yummy”

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what she held in her hands…Pizza.

We all grabbed a slice as we sat down to discuss our plans for the future.

It was the first time we all had sat down together as a family. I just wished Coral was there but she was in school.

“Momma, what are we going to do about the house. I promised Coral we would move when she became a teenager.” I said sadly.

“Well Amy..I don’t think you should leave yet. Coral has dreams of being a doctor and traveling the world. Let her finish school here and then she can decide what she would want to do. Finish this legacy…we can’t leave and pack up when Coral has barely finished high school.” Ivory said slowly.

I nodded and said “Your right mom. We’ll stay”. I then grabbed another slice of pizza as we all began to plan for the upcoming superbowl party.

After I wrapped up the leftovers, I decided there was something I needed to do. It was something I had wanted to do ever since I was a teenager.

I drove to my father’s get the answers I had always wanted.

I was sad when my father’s brother told me my father was out of town. He had been released from jail years ago but I had never gotten up the courage to talk to him.  So, I asked my father’s brother Veeraj to answer some questions. He happily agreed.

“I heard the stories from neighbors about how my dad would abuse mom. I  need to know the truth.” I said in a low whisper.

Veeraj sighed. “you deserve to know the truth dear. Your mother was one of the nicest girls in our school and at first we were friends. We all were but she fell in love with Brad.  At first he didn’t notice how much she adored him. I did…I always knew that she loved him. Though Bradley only began to care about Ivory when he met with our Grand- uncle..Darryl.

He was heartbroken when your great-aunt Gemma wouldn’t leave her wife for him. Brad and Darryl had always been close and Brad took our uncle’s pain as his own. Uncle Darryl eventually killed himself, I doubt your Aunt was all to blame but Brad didn’t see it that way..he wanted revenge. When he realized Ivory loved him, he decided to use her as his vehicle for revenge. Amy…your father did more then abuse Ivory. He worked hard to destroy her.” Veeraj said sadly.

I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks as soon as he began the story. When he was done I could barely see through my puffy, watery eyes. I put my hands over my eyes and began to sob. I cried for my mother…for my family and most of all for myself. I had begged my mother to give my dad a chance. It was all my fault that he was able to hurt her…

It took weeks before I was able to face her…to tell her how sorry I was. When I told her I knew she simply hugged me and kissed my head  as she whispered “That is my past and this…you, Sam, Walter and everyone. This is my future.”  I felt her cheeks rise as she smiled while she held me. I knew she had forgiven me long before I even knew I should be sorry.

Soon  Walter realized he was bisexual and fell in love with a woman named Evangeline.


Years later:

As the years past… I took my place as the legacy heiress.

Mom, Dad and my grandparents all moved out to go on a world cruise. They purchased a property not far from us so that they would visit whenever they wanted.

I was sad to see them go since I had grown up with them being in the house.

T.J. eventually updated her look a little bit..

When I turned 21, I chopped my hair into short curls. I have to admit it framed my face and made me even more gorgeous. Okay..okay I admit it. I am a bit of a snob but when your this gorgeous who can help it.

Aunt T.J. evenutally found love..with the maid, ugh of all people. I wish she would have picked someone with more class. Well anyway, the maid (Frida) seemed to just be a heartbreaker, but T.J. didn’t care. She was all swept up in cupid’s arrow.

Then Walter and Evangeline became an official couple.

Then…we met them. Scott and Alex, two friends of mine from med-school whom I had run into by accident at the coffee shop.  I invited them back to the house and couldn’t stop staring into Scott’s eyes. His beautiful blond hair and deep blue eyes, mesmerized me.

I was so happy to have met someone like Scott. We began dating soon after that, Alex and T.J. never hit it off.  He said T.J. was actually in love with that maid !

Then Uncle Walter and Evangeline surprised us all and had a private wedding, in the kitchen! What low breeding!

I tried to do us all a favor and give Evangeline a make-over.

Scott and I were married a few months after Walter and Eva. I have to admit I did not look my best, after all I was 8 months pregnant.

We danced surrounded by all of my family.

I couldn’t help it I loved being the center of attention.

Walter had a beautiful little girl named Amelia…

I gave birth a few weeks later to a beautiful little girl…Julia.

The first girl of a Jenson heiress to not be named after a precious stone. She was the start of a new beginning.

First I want to thank everyyyyoneee for reading and commenting on both of my legacies. This one seems to have been more popular. I hope those of you who have read have enjoyed it. I tried to keep the legacy interesting, my new one is



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Almost over…


Before I knew it it was time for birthdays to be celebrated. Coral was first…

Then T.J…

Then Walter…

Coral had become such a beautiful teenage hopeless romantic. After her birthday I was surprised when T.J. ran to her room and came out with a new outfit for Coral to wear.

T.J. also had a new outfit for herself. When I asked how did she afford this she simply winked.

I really began to wonder about T.J. She always came home with handfuls of clothes with no receipts. I hoped she wasn’t doing anything illegal..I shook my head at the thought. My little sister couldn’t do that…could she?

Walter kept his same look and got a job at the local theater as a fan.

I have to admit his relation to the great Copper Jenson and rocker look helped him.

Now that Coral was a teenager…the legacy had become hers. She was the only eligible heir and with her taking over, the legacy was over. It was time to move on….

There will be one more update and that will be the last chapter..don’t worry I will be starting a new legacy very soon the link will be in the next chapter.


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Author’s Note

I know people have been asking questions about my last post, when I mentioned moving. Well, its the ninth generation and when Coral becomes a teenager the legacy will be over and I will starting a new one. I will try to make sure any other questions or anything else is answered and I hope you have been enjoying the legacy so far 🙂 but soon it will come to an end….


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Walter’s secret


I worked hard on teaching Coral how to speak.

Words were the best gift to teach a child and I worked hard to teach  her how to say each word properly.

My younger brother, Walter and I had gotten along well over the past few years. He always offered to babysit Coral so Ali and I could spend quality time together.

I think he also just loved kids, I knew he’d be a great dad someday. Though I have to admit I wasn’t surprised when he asked me if we could talk. Walter then gushed to me that he had feelings for guys. I have to admit for a second I choked on my cobbler as I said “What?”

Walter got up and sighed “Forget it.”

” Walter wait..” I said staring at my little brother.

He stopped and stood in his tracks, “What Ame?”

I got up and put my hand on Walter’s shoulder. “Talk to me Walt.”

Walter sighed and said “Amy…I like guys. I have always liked guys. I love fashion and rock music. I’m everything dad doesn’t want. I know he wants me to join the army like him and be his mini-me. I just want to be me!” Walter said hurriedly, the words seems to flow from his mouth. Almost as if he had practicing this speech for years.

I felt sad that Walter had been feeling this way this whole time and I had never noticed. I gave him a hug and said come with me. We went through various closets until I found what I was looking for….Cooper’s( Jewel’s brother) guitar.

Walter began to immediately start playing. He had a natural talent and hopefully his dad would see that. I had to see to that..I tiptoed to the computer room and grabbed Sam’s arm. He chuckled and said “What’s going on Amy?” I whispered “Follow me!!”. As I led Sam to the living room he stood and stared as Walter played.

It took a long time before Walter could utter the words to his father. “We need to talk.” When they finally talked, Sam took it hard that his precious little boy wouldn’t be an army brat but I think he got over it. After all Walter was his son.

Before I knew it …it was time for Coral’s 5th birthday. The years of diapers and potty training flew by. My little girl was growing up.

She was a beautiful little girl and I brought her tons of clothes. I knew I would eventually end of spoiling her since she was my only child.

Sam eventually accepted Walter and encouraged him to be himself, which Walt took as a go-ahead to change his look to make it edgier.

My younger siblings watched out for Coral even though they were seniors and she was in pre-school. T.J. was very protective of Coral just like Juno had been of me.

Walter usually sat alone on the bus, he was deep into the loner phase of teenager-ness. Hopefully it would wear off.

After all…our family would be moving when Coral became a teenager. That might cheer him up…maybe it would be good for all of us.


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Who is this for?


I wanted so badly to be a good mother. I worked hard to find the right baby clothes and read the right books. I also read the giving the baby a nice atmosphere would help her development. I worked hard on painting various things to decorate with.

As I was working on my painting I began to feel intense pain! I hoped the baby wasn’t coming, I wasn’t prepared her room wasn’t done yet. Though before I knew it…she was on her way. I ran out the door screaming “I have to get to the hospital.”

After the nurse admitted me in and gave me a room. She looked through my charts and  said “Mrs. Jenson you are definitely in labor.”

I stared at her and said “I could have told you that ten minutes ago, do I get RN added to my name now. Geez..drug me up lady!” I screamed as I felt another contraction.

The nurse shook her head as she checked how the baby was doing. “Mrs. Jenson this is going to be a difficult birth. The baby is suffocating, the cord is wrapped around its neck.”

My body immediately tensed up and I stopped pushing or even moving. I lost my sarcasm and satire as I whispered “Please save her.”

She stared up at me as she hurriedly prepared to do the C- section. “How do you know its a girl, I thought you opted not to know the gender.”

I looked down at my tummy and said “Some things you just know.”

The nurse smiled at me and nodded her head.

20 hours later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The doctor told me I probably wouldn’t be able to have any more children. There had been a complication with my surgery, but I didn’t care. She was my miracle baby…I named her Coral.


Amy had to stay in the hospital a few days but as soon as she and Coral were out we had a big birthday party for me….and T.J. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe I was twelve.

The first thing I did after I blew out my candles was beg dad for money. I lied to him and told him I needed money for a date. He smiled and said ” Thats my boy.”

I smiled and left the house to run to the mall. I seriously needed a makeover and that is what I did. I went from country bumpkin…

to sleek stud…

I kept my promise. I did go on a date…with Jason Mathers. He was one of the sexiest guys in my math class. I couldn’t stay away from him even if I tried. I know people probably thought dad wouldn’t care that his son was gay, but they didn’t know my dad. He joined the FBI at 28 and was in the army before that. He was a real man’s man and if he knew I’d rather put on lip gloss then lip lock with a girl he’d flip..for now I’d have to lie.


I was so excited when I blew out my candles. I kept wishing in my head Please let me be normal.

Though I knew I wasn’t cured. The minute Amy and I went shopping I began to have the urge to steal. I couldn’t help it, the minute Amy turned her back I stole this cute little dress.

I stuffed it in my bag quickly hoping I wouldn’t get caught. As Amy droned on and on about different outfits I could buy…I nodded my head and kept smiling. I stared at Amy and sighed as she pushed Coral’s stroller through the aisles. Amy was so lucky…she was Mom’s favorite, the prodigal child. That’s why mom has chosen her. She didn’t want a screw up like me ruining the legacy. I sighed as I finally picked an outfit and brought it to the register. It was perfect, a cute polo and would show Mom I was a regular teen.

She would never suspect I had stolen over 2,000 dollars worth of stuff. My friends and I would hang out by the old warehouse sometimes. We met the coolest people guy even said he was a Master Thief. That sounded so cool.  I told him how much I had stolen he said after High School he could offer me a job. I was so excited, though I tried to play it off and act as if I couldn’t care less.

Sometimes I would go to Grandma Beryl’s house after school. She and Grandpa had moved out when I was 10 years old. They had a beautiful house near the ocean. I loved to sit on their chairs facing the window and just think about life.

I just wished and hoped for the day when I could escape all the pressure of my last name. Our family had been here for 9 generations and held a lot of clout in the Sunset community. It was so annoying, the kids expected me to have the best of everything and if I didn’t I had to deal with the ridicule. My friends had new cars every week and their own room. I had to share a room with Walter and we only had one car. My family didn’t live up to the standards society for them so I did it for us….I had to steal to be cool, to keep up the Jones’ or else my friends wouldn’t like me. This was for my family…or was it simply for me?

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Secrets…can haunt us


The kids were all getting bigger everyday. They seemed to not mind they had different fathers. I was so excited about that I had always worried they would treat each other differently.

Amy was constantly with Ali..I have to admit I was happy my little girl had found love.


I wanted Ali to be in my life. I decided to have a private wedding at the beach.  I had ordered a custom made wedding dress a few days ago. I couldn’t wait to feel the soft silk against my skin.  Soon that day came and I waited on the beach for Ali to come.

As I stared at the waves crashing against the shore. I begin to think about the legacy and Jewel. I wonder if my mother would choose me…if I would have a daughter with Ali. I thought about an alternate future. In another family I might be encouraged to be an astronaut or leader of the free world. Things might have been different..

I felt hands cover my eyes and his lips on my ear. “Hello my beautiful bride.” Ali whispered into my ear.

I smiled as I turned and saw Ali in his suit. I couldn’t stop staring into his eyes. We said our vows with the sound of waves crashing and the smell of the salt in the sea.

We danced under the stars and all my concerns fell away. This must be what it is like to be in love…I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

The next day I decided to update my look to suit my married status.

Soon it was time for Ian’s birthday. I couldn’t believe my little annoying brother was a young adult.

He was growing into quite a stud, I would have to fight to keep the girls off of him.

While Mom and the kids were eating cake, Ian suddenly got up.

“Mom who is my real father?” Ian said slowly. Mom almost choked on her Carvel cake. Sam looked down at his plate and began playing with his food. I don’t know how Ian found out but he had….he had a different father than any of us. A father none of us had ever heard of or even seen.

“Ian, don’t under-” Mom began to say. She reached for Ian and he pushed her away. I had never seen Ian so angry..he seemed to be very hot-headed lately.

“HOW COULD YOU LIE TO ME?” Ian screamed.

“You don’t understand Ian. You don’t understand any of it! I did this to protect you.” Mom pleaded.

“PROTECT ME FROM WHAT!?” Ian screamed as his hands shook with anger.

“The truth. Your father is from Paris and his name is Bernard Bonaparte. Ian I’m sorry…but he didn’t want to be part of my life. So..I left Paris and nine months later. I had you Ian…my beautiful little boy. I decided to stay with Amy’s father Brad but he threatened to hurt you. It was either you or him and I chose you.” Mom said softly as she held her head down.

“ he doesn’t even know about me?” Ian said angrily.

“No Ian..he doesn’t.” Mom said sadly.

Ian suddenly began to smile. “Then he might want to…he might want me in his life. I have to find him mom. I have too!”

Mom stared at Ian in shock.

“Do it if it will make you feel happy. I love you Ian and I want you to be happy but never forget you have a family here.” Mom said with a smile as she kissed his cheek.


I couldn’t believe Ian had a dad from Paris. That was so cool! Though I don’t think he should have treated mom like that. He should apologize, it was only right. I mean she was our mom!

Mom was great to all of us and I loved our family. Though sometimes I feel as if I didn’t fit in…like I was defective. I had an urge to take things that weren’t mine. First it started small like a pencil or a pen. Soon it became bigger things like bicycles and clothes. I couldn’t let my family know what I was…or what I was becoming.


I couldn’t believe Ian was leaving.It was hard to see my brother all grown up but he deserved to meet his dad. I just wished he would be around to see his little niece or nephew. I found out recently I was pregnant..I guess I had too much fun during the honeymoon.

I began painting a picture to hang in the baby’s room.

Mom was so excited to be a grandmother. She immediately went shopping to celebrate.

I couldn’t believe my younger siblings were almost teenagers. I was so excited but a little worried about them. T.J. seemed as if something was always on her mind and Walter was very reclusive. I hope everything was okay with them.

That night Momma announced that she wanted me to be the heiress. I was so excited!


I hoped momma and Amy never found out..

that I was a kleptomaniac


I hoped momma and daddy never found out…

that I’m gay


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The happiest woman


As I walked toward my cab, I looked back towards the house.

I secretly prayed that Ali and I would live happily here. Mom had to make me the heiress, T.J. was only 6! I was just waiting for her to say it. I would get Ali back and then we would live in this house. I would have my happy ending.

I landed in Egypt within a day. I was so excited to see Ali.

I was driven to the base camp and was so shocked by my surrounding.

I immediately began asking around town for any news of Ali or his family.

I found his uncle Jaheeb Lughmani and he gave me news about Ali.

“ name is Amy Jenson. I heard you were the uncle of Ali.” I said with a smile.

“Ahhh you are Amethyst. He had your picture over his bed. Ali is back in Sunset Valley looking for you.” he said with a smile.

I smiled and then felt horrible. I had come to Egypt to find Ali and he gone back to Sunset to find me. I thanked his uncle and then decided I might as well enjoy my vacation.

I decided to have an adventure. The first assignment was to find documents within a tomb.

I explored various passageways searching for the documents.

I was so excited, I had never been outside of Sunset. This was so exciting!

Then I finally found a glowing treasure chests. I had found the documents and a bag of coins.

I returned the documents to their owner and then received a reward. I purchased a snake basket.

My next adventure was to uncover some uncut turquoise. I immediately began searching on my motor scooter.

After finding the turquoise I returned it to Layli. She was a local here and we had become fast friends. She even posed for a few pictures for me.

and I made another friend…Shahana, she was a local merchant.

Within three days I was home. On my front stoop was Ali. I ran up to him and immediately began kissing him. I whispered into his ear ” I missed you so much.”

Ali picked me up and swung me around. I couldn’t stop smiling. After a few minutes Ali placed me back on the ground and said “I’m so happy to see you.”

I invited Ali inside. He immediately began telling me how much he missed me. “Amy..I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The minute I left I applied for U.S. citizenship, it took all these years. I hadn’t heard an answer until the day before I heard you arrived in Egypt. My uncle told me you came to visit.” Ali said with a smile.

“I never stopped thinking about you Amy.” Ali said softly.

I stroked his cheek and said “Neither have I.”

“That’s why I’m going to do this.” I said slowly as I got on one knee.

Ali stared into my eyes as he smiled, “Yes Amy..of course!” He grabbed me into his arms and said “i will make you the happiest woman ever.”

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